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How does it work?

Wherever you are in the World, SkyMediator will look after everything to ensure you receive, as promptly as possible, the compensation and/or refund to which you are entitled after experiencing a delay, a cancellation or an overbooking.

  • Start Your Claim

    Complete the form by entering your flight details and uploading your documents.You can Claim on flights from the previous 5 years on upwards.

  • Our Process

    SkyMediator starts working for You taking care of the entire process. We start with verify and examine your provided information then paper work to apprise to court and cater the claim

  • Get Your Money

    After we have won your claim you will receive your compensation money, we only charge 25% after you have won your compensation money. No Win = No Fee

Declare your dispute

You return from a trip with a flight canceled / delayed / overbooked or have already unsuccessfully tried to claim compensation, SkyMediator can help. Once you have completed the form, and you have sent us a copy of your flight documents, we take care of every step of your claim, from simple first letter of attorney to any possible legal action. No more stress, you do not have to do anything, just wait for your compensation!


Why Use SkyMediator?

  • Most

    Most Advanced Team of Trusted Lawyers and Legal Experts in the Industry. Over 100,000 passenger cases won by Skymediator.

  • 98% Win

    98% Win Rate on All of our Claims. (Over €20 million in claims won for passengers.)

  • No Win
    No Fee

    No Win, No Fee, You don't pay if we don't Win.

  • Save time
    and Stress

    Passengers claiming compensation on their own have less than 1% chance of receiving compensation from Airlines without the help of Skymediator legal Experts.

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  • U sent me a mail saying that Ryanair said no, does this mean i don't get NEthign? ...

  • I was delayed an hr and a half; and i missed the last tube ; the taxi cost 60 quid, y cant I get comped? ...

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How much do you charge?

SkyMediator charges nothing for handling your claim against the airline. When we win your case, we will keep 25% of the total compensation to cover the costs involved in claiming.

EU Regulation 261/2004 – what’s that?

EU Regulation 261/2004 sets out the a common European standard for compensation of airline passengers who have suffered delays, cancellations and overbooking.

Can I get compensation for flights with low cost companies and/or charter flights?

All flights are eligible for compensation, as long as they fall within the geographic boundaries given in EU Regulation 261/2004. (Flying from a European airport with any carrier, or to a European airport with a European carrier.)

My flight was cancelled a year ago, can I still claim?

It is possible to claim for flights that took place up to five years ago. If you want to be sure that it is still possible to claim for your flight, look at the calendar on the front page of the site: if the date of your flight is visible, you can still claim.

My trip involved several flights, can I only claim for the flight that was actually delayed?

You can request compensation for the whole trip. For example, suppose you booked a flight from London to New-York with a stopover in Paris. Your flight from London to Paris is delayed. As long as your final arrival in New-York is at least three hours late, you can claim for the whole trip. This makes a big difference, since the amount of compensation you receive is calculated based on the distance flown.

What happens to my documents once you have them? Is it secure?

The SkyMediator website is fully secure and compliant with data protection law. No document or information that you send to us will be shared with any third party without your permission. You can contact us at any time and ask us to delete your account and your personal information.

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